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Wrapping up the Session

It’s hard to believe that today is the last full day of camp for session 4. The second week of session 4 was packed full of new specialty options, fun evening programs, and visits to East Valley Ranch. In addition to barn and garden specialties we also had baking, needle felting, improv,  mural creations, mindfulness, and a dance class. All of the campers have been really interested in learning more about their perspective programs!

We have had an active week of evening programs. On Monday, we played French Rev, essentially a giant game of flashlight tag. All of the campers try to camouflage themselves and then sneak to a big rock without getting caught by the flashlight. It is an all time favorite at the Farm. Tuesday we played Ultimate Sicko Ball (4 way capture the flag with many flags!). Last night our campers got to choose whether they wanted to go to East Valley Ranch to watch their 4 week campers do some rodeo style events or stay at the Farm and play a game called ladder ball. Most of the campers chose to go to the rodeo and had a great time cheering for the campers and horses as well as making some new friends.

Tonight, we will have our closing campfire. Campers will sign up to perform skits, songs, and other acts for all of camp. When the acts are done, we will move into the dining hall to sing a few Farm Camp Classics, “Denning Road” (our rendition of “Country Roads”), “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and “Linger”. Closing Campfire is always an emotional night as we start the process of saying goodbye to all of the people we have become so close with during the session. I hope to see everyone back next summer!


Nicki Macy

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