After delicious pancakes dripping in maple syrup Adventure Village started out the day doing activities with their tent. Some tents hit the low ropes course while others went creeking (MO’ CREEKIN’!).

After tent time the village split up into four groups. One group went to the New Old Zip-line. The second group headed out to practice their outdoor living skills. This involves primitive shelter building and fire building. The third group headed out on an ecology hike to explore the local flora and fauna. The last group got to go to the archery range and practice finding their center.

After lunch the village headed out to the high ropes course to play among the trees. Once they had their fill of ropes and climbing the village learned about birds of prey at the raptor center. Birds of prey are awesome!! Then before dinner the whole village played capture the flag to work up an appetite.

Tonight we’ll be heading out into the woods for an overnight at our project x. A secret campsite only Adventure Village knows about.

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