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The good news is that I found my camera cable and am able to get some pictures up of the Adventure Village fellows. The better news is that there are some incredible pictures of the last few days and I have a lot to catch you up on.

Before I begin with a few pictures from the overnight on Wednesday, I’ll tell you the winning joke of the session so far. Ready? It’s a complex one…

“Ask me if I’m a rock.”

“Are you a rock?”


Trust me, it’s hilarious, but on to the pics!





Now, on to today’s update–Paul said it best today when he said “Today is one of those days when people ask you what you did at camp, you explode at them with stories of what we just did.”

What did we do?

The morning began with a trip down to the Esopus River where we jumped on to tubes and rode the white water. The water was cold, but everybody had wide eyes and wider grins.


This picture was taken before the rapids took their toll on our tubes, but when two of the tubes popped, the crew didn’t miss a beat as Ryan & Russell and Paul & Payton doubled up. Their teamwork was incredible and Ryan and Russ even made sure to occasionally switch sides to avoid the dreaded “one huge arm, one puny arm” muscle fate.

picture-133.jpg picture-130.jpg


The day didn’t end there! We spent the afternoon hiking into Kaaterskill Falls, New York’s highest waterfall. My words can’t do it justice…here are some pics!


picture-163.jpg picture-157.jpg

The boys are sleeping well tonight!

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