They’re alive and doing well!  The group had an AMAZING time backpacking.  The trail was the perfect challenge for the group, and every single person has taken up a great deal of responsibility and is doing well with their Leader-of-the-day responsibilities.  Their favorite part?  They had a tough struggle up Mount Marcy with thick cloud cover and steep terrain.  The group figured they would get to the summit and not be able to see the great view from the top.  Just as the group arrived at the summit, the wind (which was very fast), parted the clouds so they could see everything for about five minutes before the wind pushed the clouds back into place.  The summit met with group hugs, mad cheering and high fives all around.  Well done Boots & Boats!!

Last night they spent at the Adirondack LOJ to shower, use real bathrooms, and have a bit of a rest before packing up and heading out in canoes.  When I talked with the group this morning, they were at the Dollar Store buying Pirate regalia to transform their canoe trip into a pirate themed canoe trip!  I can’t wait to see the pictures when they return!

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  • Doan Pendleton

    Hey.. this is spencers dad.. sounds like they are having a great time.. I hope the weather has been good.




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