The Adventure Village canoe trip returned just in time for the 4th of July (8th of July) fireworks!  Everyone’s stomachs were full from Pizza Hut and ice cream sandwiches, as they watched the display over Lake Cole.

Despite the rain that we have been having, the paddlers were in good spirits.  The started off Monday afternoon at the Milford boat launch and headed down the Delaware.  Two crews from Adventure Village left at different times, as half of the village chose paddling as their mini-trip!

Storms rolled in Tuesday afternoon, so everyone was forced off the river early to set up camp.  The two groups ended up camping together, one on the upper banks of the site and one on the lower.  It worked out perfectly and they had an amazing devotion about role modeling and role models and finished just in time before more storms rolled into the area.

Both groups had very strong paddlers and ended at Smithfield Beach early and enjoyed the sun this afternoon on the beach. (All the practicing of strokes and T-rescues early in the week turned out to be a success.)

P.S. Noah is always smiling and the ladies in Van 2 had a blast singing the whole way home!!

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