3 canoes on lake cole

Hird Overnights!

Yesterday Pac and Windsong ventured over Wildcat mountain to begin their two night overnight experience. For many of them, this was the first time they had ever hiked a mountain. For every single one of them, this was the first time they had ever hiked a mountain with this specific group of people. I could tell by their excitement before they left that this would be a trip to remember. I visited my friends in Pac last night to find them lounging in their sleeping bags, playing with cards, and bragging about the shelter that they had made with ferns and logs (see picture!).

While Pac and Windsong spent the day trading overnight places (Pinegrove and Merrill Pavillion), Morgan and I had an awesome day on camp with Tacoma, Lenape, Sacky, Hemlock, and the MAC villages. In the morning we did a ropes element called the flying fish with Kellogg 1 in Tacoma. Then we splashed around with Sacky and Hemlock at waterfront while Lenape and Tacoma packed out for their overnights. Tonight marks Lenape’s first night of their two night overnight! Tacoma will be back on camp tomorrow with bellies full of pita pizza and s’mores, undoubtedly swapping dozens of stories from their night of sleeping under the stars. There’s nothing better than spending time in the woods!


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