They group is doing great today!  On Monday they completed their goal of finishing up the construction stand that they had been working on, in addition to putting up siding, painting, sanding, sealing cracks and nailing boards together.  Tuesday was the group’s planned free day and they went into the town of Lake Placid to do some swimming, watch the new Harry Potter film and to go to a music festival in town that evening. 

On Monday, they had a head’s up that there would not be work on Wednesday as originally planned (the group was okay with this – they felt their goals had been met and they had over 30 hours under their belt already), so the group decided to go to the Great Escape Theme and Water Park near Lake George.  They had a great time today going down the water slides, riding the coasters and being in real civilization again! 

The group will be heading out early tomorrow to return to camp for the afternoon.  Sounds like everyone had a chance to learn some news skills and meet some new people.  See everyone Friday!

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