Our Adirondack Ramblers called to say hi!  Rafting was awesome.  Their boat ran sweep (the last boat in the pack, making sure any stragglers were keeping up and safe!) and the kids were a “powerhouse” ripping through the rapids and swimming every chance they had!  Every single one of the kids were out of the boat just as much as they were in the boat (completely voluntary!).  The weather was slightly cloudy, but mostly sunny and the group is looking forward to canoeing!

A few quick shout outs to the group members:

  • David – learning lots of new skills, and especially likes learning how to light and maintain the evening campfires
  • Max – the music man of the group, Max is the “human radio” and entertains the group with songs all day long!
  • Carlo – awesome paddler, really helping the group “power” through the wave trains
  • Marcelo – great leader, paddling hard and after a full day of rafting still had energy to swim back at the campground!
  • Nick – loves swimming and was right beside Marcelo jumping into the lake after rafting
  • Anton – loved rafting and can’t wait to start canoeing

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  • Lydia Andre

    Hi Max, we miss you and are glad you are having fun and entertaining the troops. Love Mom & Dad

  • Lisa Sack

    Glad to hear the boys are having a great time. Mom and Dad send Anton lots of love.

  • lena viddo

    hola carlito!
    Me haces mucha falta!!! Te quiero.
    beso grande,




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