This morning had cool mountain air. It’s definitely still summer but here in the woods the late summer starts to feel like the fall first thing in the morning and later in the evenings. Compared to the blisteringly hot and humid days of the early summer the fresher temperatures are a welcomed change.

Adventure is trying a brand new idea this session. Well at least it’s new for Adventure. We’re doing a morning reflection program before breakfast. Today was the first day and it was great.

After breakfast the groups split up and Adventure Village Try-it headed out to archery while the 2 week program chose between the giant swing, and stream rock carving.

In the afternoon 2 weekers rolled into programming with MAC girls and explored the creeks while the try-it program had fun with director Alex Draper. Eventually, the try-it campers hit up the giant Y logo climbing tower to end their afternoon.

After dinner the two programs joined together for a night of Killer in the Castle. A wonderful mystery program where campers have to choose which one among them is the one who is guilty by piecing together clues.

Now after the programs have ended campers are sitting down with their counselors and cabin groups to do cabin devotion. A serine way to end the day and learn about each other.

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