3 canoes on lake cole

Farm Camp Weekend

Friday was a great day. Instead of our normal activities, we played an all camp game. The game is called GERONIMO and it involves the entire camp sitting in a circle and trying not to end up in the middle.

In the afternoon we did waterfront as usual but then we skipped Specialty Two and packed for the overnight instead. Including flashlights, sleeping bags, and bug spray, we also hike up with our food. Overnight tradition: pita pizzas cooked over a fire in the woods!

Farm Camp split up and went to three different locations:

Yurts 6 & 7: Ladleton

Yurts 3 & 4: The Butterknife Ruins

Yurts 1 & 2: Pinegrove

Saturday: everyone enjoyed a late breakfast after their hikes down! Then we began our theme day! This session’s theme: Harry Potter. Farm Camp’s mission: rescuing Harry from the evil kidnappers! Quidditch was played, wands were made, and dragons were fought. Our awesome FiTs, (Farmers In Training- our teenage leadership program), planned and facilitated today’s events. Huge round of applause to them.

Our evening program: a celebratory dance after saving Harry Potter from the dragons.

Fun news: the piglets have names. They are Snap, Crackle, and Pop!


(Photo: Yurt One right before their overnight hike)


Claire Greenwood

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