Today we got out in the woods to give our boots and gear a test run before the Mini Trips. The older campers took the entire day to hike to Doubletop Mountain. Doubletop is the hardest trail-less peak in the Catskills and it’s in Frost Valley’s back yard. The campers left early and made it to the summit by mid day. There’s a plane crash from the 60’s near the top that the campers explored when they got there. The legend says, Bud Cox took campers up to find that plane crash and that originally started the Adventure Program. Visiting the site is both awesome and historically significant for our program.

The other campers hiked to High Falls where they explored the surrounding woods and the most amazing waterfall on camp property. In the afternoon the younger campers played Ultimate Turbo Kick Ball, Adventure Village’s take on the classic kick ball and then cooled off with a swim in Lake Cole where they can choose from kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming and playing on the water jungle gym and trampoline.

After dinner when everyone had arrived home we spent some time telling stories from the day’s adventures. The group then took some time in the late evening to hang out with Susky Village  to explore the night sky at our observatory, with an activity we call ‘Night Awareness’. Thankfully the clouds are clearing and given the united group a chance to experience what the Frost Valley night sky has to offer.

Soon the campers will be hitting their beds and resting up for another awesome day of adventures.Happy Trails,

Lincoln McLain
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