3 canoes on lake cole

After dinner chores: Milking goats and the three little pigs.

 Never have I extracted milk from another living animal. Well yesterday, that changed. I joined your children and milked a goat. I was coached by the 8 year old girls in Yurt 5. When I told them that I really wanted to milk a goat, they seemed a little nonplused at my enthusiasm; after all they’ve all done it before. The milking didn’t last very long, nor did I get very much milk, but the experience was satisfying for both of us…I hope. I was also introduced to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (the three little pigs). How totally cute is this trio? These three could sell a trillion beanie babies. From snout to tail, they are attractive in a charming piggy way. I also hear that they are smart. When I was in the barn, the trio got fed. Yes, the barrel of after dinner compostable garbage from the past few meals. Reuse, repurpose, and recycle. They had corn, squash, noodles, tomato. These three eat everything in their bowl (don’t we wish our kids did) but they really eat like pigs. Yes, this expression takes on new meaning for me. No manners. No rules. No protocol. Just dive into a heaping bucket of garbage and enjoy. J.



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