….and we’re FEELING GOOD!

“Feeling Goods” are activities scheduled for our campers that are a little different to the normal scheduled classes. The groups usually comprise of one or two cabins worth of campers, purposely small so that the groups get to bond and can make friendships outside of their immediate cabin group. Feeling Goods are often sensory based or extra creative and the vibe is usually pretty chill.  Some examples of Feeling Goods are candle making, relaxation and meditation, yoga, zumba and on today’s schedule for two Outpost cabins was Messy Kickball!

Normal kickball rules applied, the bases just had some extra surprises waiting to meet the campers, namely mud, foam, paint and water. Trash bags were at the ready for those who weren’t ready for the ultimate sensory experience and for those that were, they dived right in!



Ashley Close

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