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This week we are showcasing Toni’s Kitchen.  Toni’s Kitchen is a food ministry of St Luke’s Episcopal Church in Montclair, NJ. Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, Toni’s Kitchen has been providing groceries to over 1900 families and senior citizens, while continuing to provide meals for their 75-80 homeless and near-homeless neighbors.

Toni’s Kitchen has been in operation since 1982, without interruption. They pride themselves on creating a restaurant type feel instead of the traditional stand in line soup kitchen. It is named after Antoinette “Toni” Green who was the head cook. Toni is described as a generous, “spirit-filled and amazing” woman.

Toni’s Kitchen has over 2000 volunteers and 60 community partners. In 2018, they served over 180,000 meals in their community. They don’t only serve food, but they also provide financial, health, and mental counseling services.

Check out how to get involved here. 




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