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Daily Reflections @Home Week 7

As we wrap up our Build Strong @Home summer, we want to give you more Devos to do. Please don’t forget about all the past Devos we have posted, but here is a comprehensive list of ALL of our Devos. Reminder, that these can be done at any time during the day, but we recommend doing them at a time when campers and adults alike can really think and talk with each other. 


What is a devo? Devo (devotion) is a Frost Valley tradition that spans every program and age group. It is a great way for campers to wind down and connect with each other after long days of active programming. Before bed, campers come together as a cabin/yurt/tent group and participate in a reflective activity. Often sat in a circle around a candle, counselors present an age-appropriate prompt. Devo is a safe space so sharing is always optional and we ask campers to respect that information shared in devo, stays in devo.


Name of devo: Age range/ tone/ program: How to:
Rose, bud, thorn All ages, lighthearted & simple Each person goes around and shares about their day using the terms: rose (something good from that day), thorn (something tough from that day), bud (something you are looking forward to)
Light of my life All ages, lighthearted & simple Each person goes around and briefly shares about someone they admire/ feel uplifted by in their life! Optional prop: give every participant a candle or a glowstick that they can light/ crack when they share
Candyland Good for younger kids, can be done with any age, lighthearted Typically done with jolly ranchers and laffy taffy, every participant gets some candy and shares something that makes them ‘jolly’ and something that makes them ‘laff.’ Candy is of course optional, and there are so many substitutes you can get creative with!  
Five, Five, Five Lighthearted and optimistic Each person asks themselves where they would like to see themselves in 5 weeks, 5 months, and 5 years.
Reach Out and Touch  All ages, warm and fuzzy Everyone sits/ stands with their eyes closed. The speaker calls participants up by their number. The speaker says, “Put your hand on the shoulder of someone who…(has done something positive/ made you feel something positive).” The people standing touch someone’s shoulder who has portrayed the statement.
Web of Appreciation Older ages, warm and fuzzy, need string/ rope While sitting or standing in a circle, one person compliments another person in the circle and hands them a part of the string. Then, that person does the same to another person, and so on until everyone has said a compliment and has been complimented. At the end, the string can be given out as bracelets for the group to remember their experiences together. 
Fishbowl All ages, can be lighthearted or deeper Give each person a piece of paper and have them each write an appropriate question on it. Then the ‘counselors’ answer each question. This is a good way for the campers to get to know the counselors better. You can also do this devo in reverse, where the campers  answer the questions or where everybody answers the questions. 
Zombie Apocalypse All ages, lighthearted Ask each participant to explain what they would do in the case of a zombie apocalypse (what weapon they would use, what one person would they want with them, where would they run, etc.)
What is Adventure? Traditionally done for the Adventure staff and kids, of all ages Each person shares what they think adventure means to them
The Sandwich Devo All ages, lighthearted Each person chooses what sandwich they would be and why
Slam the Door/ Dinner Party Older kids, lighthearted or deep To which historical figure would you slam the door in their face and why? Which one would you want to have over for a dinner party and why?
Step in Step Out All ages, deeper Stand in a circle. Counselors should start the statements. Begin with “step in if you…” and each person who agrees with this statement will step into the circle. It is advised to start with lighter and easier ones like “step in if you like chocolate” and then slowly move on to things like “step in if your parents are divorced”
The Tree All ages, lighthearted or deep Roots= something that you learned, Trunk = someone who supported you, Buds = goals
What would you do with  a Million dollars? All ages, lighthearted  
Thank you, Apology, Compliment All ages, can be lighthearted or deeper, a good debrief question Popcorn style, everyone just says a compliment, and apology or a thank you to someone else in the group. 
Good and Getting Better All ages What is one thing you are great at and one thing you can work on?
Past self All ages If you could give advice to your past self, what would you say?
6 word memoir All ages Ask each participant to create for themselves a memoir only using 6 words. This can be interpreted however you/ the participants like.
Letter to Future self All ages Have your participants write letters to their future selves.
Song Devo All-ages What song best describes you and why?
Dis-regulation/ Regulation Best older kids What disregulates you? What in your environment makes you uncomfortable, stressed, or anxious. What regulates you? What can you do or seek out that makes you feel more centered?
Leader All ages Who do you look up to as a leader in your life? What makes them a good leader in your eyes?
Five Finger Devo Best for older kids Each finger on your hand is associated with a different question to answer:
Thumb: What is something really good in your life right now?
Pointer finger: What is something you’re looking forward to?
Middle finger: What is something that makes you angry?Ring finger: What is something you’re committed to?

Pinky: What is a promise you want to make to yourself?

Self Care Devo All ages What actions are you taking to prioritize self care and keeping yourself happy and healthy right now?
Happy Place All ages What is your happy place? What is your favorite thing to do there?
Risk Devo All ages What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken and are you happy you took it?

If you have any questions about our daily reflections or want to share some camp magic with us, send us an email at buildstronghome@frostvalley.org


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