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East Valley Ranch – Enjoying the Gorgeous Weather!!!

Hi guys, it’s Emily here, just wanted to give you all a quick update about what has been happening at East Valley Ranch over the past couple days.

We had incredible weather for the whole entire week since our rainy, rainy start last weekend. The girls got in some solid hours in the saddle and spent the majority of their days outside enjoying the sun.

We played Volleyball, Kickball, Soccer, Arts & Crafts, Candle Making and went to Waterfront. However, the girls have only been able to dip their feet in at the swimming hole this week as the river is too high to swim in right now after all the storms. We play plenty of water games instead though to make sure everyone stays cool in the sun. Tomorrow we will head down to the swimming hole so that the girls can swim!

Along with their crazy busy day schedules, in the evenings we have had a variety of different Evening Programs, ranging from Ultimate Sicko Ball (you can ask your campers what this is when they get home… they should tell you it is the best camp game EVER), Chaos (see smugmug for the foamy pics) and Banana Boats!!

The four week girls are working hard practicing for their Drill Team performance, this WEDNESDAY! In among having special guest ground lessons from Jennie, Sam, and Sarah Quain. One in depth lesson on Vet Care, with a horse that came in with a severe injury, one lesson on Equine Massage Therapy Skills, and a lesson in Equine Sports Coaching and Equitation. They have also been teaching their own ground lessons to one another and learning how to be assistants to the instructors during their lessons. On top of all this they also got to try Vaulting on our wonderful Haflinger pony Hansel.

Yesterday was Bareback day, where the girls get to try out their skills without a saddle on the horses back. The four week girls headed out on the trail to get out of the blazing sun.

Todayyyyy (Sunday) is THEME DAYYY! Our favorite day of the session. Not only do the campers get to sleep in until 9:30am, they also get to eat WAFFLES AND ICE CREAM for breakfast… Every child’s dream came true this morning.

Our theme for this session is FROZEN, the movie. EVR has been covered in a blanket of snow and the girls are trying with all their might to unfreze us in time to make it to Farm Camp, where both camps will come together for a BBQ and a hoedown!!!! I don’t think we have ever had a more excited response for a theme day than we got this morning when it was announced. See smugmug.com tomorrow for all the pictures from the day!

– Emily,

Director of East Valley Ranch.



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