Action Auction was a fun way to end a busy day!  As a camp we enjoyed an evening program full of laughs, creativity, energy, and of course action!  Using ten random props from our yurts, we had to display them creatively to represent other random objects.  We used a book and a flash light to represent a hot dog, a belt and duct tape to represent a cow boy hat, and many more.  The trick was that we had to race to the other side of the field by skipping, running, and wheel-barreling, to where the Farm Leaders gave us points based on our creativity and resourcefulness!  At one point, one of the yurts had a score of approximately “5,798 goats, 3 giant rainbows, 4 golden chickens, 6 unicorns, 15 hemlock trees, and a pocket full of fairy dust”.  The whole camp had a lot of fun being silly, and we ended the night with a camp fire story from a Frost Valley Board Member, alum, and previous Camp Director , Al Filreis!

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Dan Weir

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Dan Weir
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Growing up in New Jersey, Dan Weir knew Frost Valley YMCA as the place his family loved. Now Dan has 21 summers working at Frost Valley YMCA under his belt. He has progressed from junior camp counselor to Director of Camping Services, overseeing Frost Valley’s overnight summer camp programs. Dan holds a Master’s Degree from Stony Brook University, specializing in youth development and technology affecting youth, and a Bachelor’s Degree from George Washington University in Psychology. Dan lives year round at camp with his family.

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