Everyone at Mustang Village has settled in and they started camp off with a whirlwind of games, getting to know you activities, and fun!  New friendships are already forming and the girls enjoyed a hearty pizza feast for dinner.  As the sun slowly started to set the girls climbed aboard wagons for a hay ride to the horse pasture.  They had a sneak peak at all the horses they will be working with this session!

Upon returning to the lodge the counselors had set up a super secret surprise birthday party for a special Mustang Camper who actually traveled to camp on her birthday.  The lodge was decorated, the birthday girls bunk was overrun with signs and balloons.  Everyone enjoyed songs, ate cake, and partied till bedtime!

This morning marks the first official day of camp.  The girls are headed to waterfront first thing this morning.  Everyone was excited for a nice swim in the cool lake.  The afternoon they will be heading to the barn for time bonding with horses and each other!  We are so excited that summer has officially started!

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