The whole Adventure family is back on camp! Adventure Village mini-trips returned yesterday, and Teen Adventure Trips returned today. AdVill campers enjoyed their last full day with their friends at Frost Valley.

After breakfast, campers were able to choose between 4 breakouts: candle making; pottery; philosophy with Ian and Ben; and creaking. After campers let out some creative, philosophical or physical energy, we all had a delicious lunch. Just as we were heading back to AdVill, the directors called a lightening drill, giving us all an excuse to hold up in the dining hall until the storm passed. After 4 days of camping, the campers seemed to enjoy the time indoors.

The storm ended just in time for the camp Henry HERD’s mud fight! AdVill was invited to join the fun, and many of our campers and counselors accepted with enthusiasm. While the rest of AdVill headed back to the village to clean and relax, the mud fighters took advantage of the opportunity to play in the mud with their friends.

As Adventure Trips returned to camp, they packed their gear in and cleaned up from two weeks out in the wilderness. Each trip had fun stories to share about their adventures. AdVill and Trips had their closing ceremonies, and everyone retired to their tents or lean-tos for one last night in the Catskills.


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