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Horse Day Camp – Flying Fish and High Ropes!

I realized I didn’t introduce myself when I wrote my first blog, so here goes! I am Kayleigh; I am the Equestrian Program Coordinator which basically means I oversee Mustang village and our Equestrian Day Camp programs. I have been coming to Frost Valley for 12 years so it is basically my home away from home! I have just completed a degree in Film Studies and Production but my passion is working with children which is why I find myself coming back here year after year. I will be writing blogs over the course of the session, so you can see what your children have been up to, I hope you enjoy them!



The Hoofbeats kids had an awesome morning down at the barn learning about breeds and colors and then riding their assigned horses. They all did such a good job and are showing great potential for improvement for the next 2 weeks! Half of the children got to go do the ropes element flying fish which is where they get pulled in the air on a rope and it feels like they are flying, they had a great time. The other half will get to do the flying fish on Thursday and they are very excited about it!!

Western Adventures:

On Wednesday the western adventures group helped out in the barn in the morning and also got the opportunity to watch our Farrier Walter shoe a couple of horses which is a great learning tool we are able to offer. They then had their riding lessons and are improving by the minute, the barn staff are really enjoying teaching them.

In the afternoon, half of western adventures went to waterfront and had a great time swimming, boating and playing on the beach.

The other half got to go up to high ropes to complete one of the elements, all of them had a great time and even managed to convince their counselor Lola and me to give it a try, despite a fear of heights!! It was awesome to see them encouraging each other to give it a try when they were scared!



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