3 canoes on lake cole

Midweek at East Valley Ranch

Firstly, we would like to apologize for the lack of photo’s being uploaded to smugmug.com, we have been having issues with our internet but we will be uploading all the pictures as soon as we can! – Trust me, there are A LOT for you to see :).

So, to Disco Night on Tuesday night was a lot of fun. All the girls put on their sparkliest, funkiest outfits and danced the night away…

Yesterday was random day – weather wise… It was very hot and sunny for the morning and then stormy and overcast for the afternoon. This meant that some of the girls had limited time in the arena but were able to enjoy one of our many trail rides for the afternoon.

Last night’s evening program was spent snuggled up in our couch room in Straus watching Spirit the movie – One of our FAVES!

Today we are back in the routine at EVR, the girls that did not get to ride for as long yesterday spent extra time in the arena this morning and went on an extended trail ride through the forest. The weather is brightening up for the afternoon which means we can look forward to another full afternoon of riding!

Tonight’s evening program is SPORTS NIGHT!!! Check in tomorrow to see how it went.

WE LOVE EVR!!!!!!!!



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