3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang Enjoys a Perfect Day….

Waterfront was amazing, with the girls trying all of the activities available at the Lake.  The giant water trampoline, the water blob, the rock climbing island floating on its own.  It’s a great time swimming as well as working as a team.  Each girl has a buddy who she is responsible for staying with throughout waterfront. 

At the barn it was all sunshine and smiles as the girls worked in their new lesson groups with their horses.  We added extra ride time so that everyone could enjoy a longer ride on their horse.  All of the girls seem to really be enjoying themselves and are moving forward with their horses.  Ground lessons on horse health and care rounded out the afternoon.

The girls also hiked to high falls which is a huge waterfall at the edge of Frost Valley property.  It was an amazing site after all of the rain we received.  Almost every Mustang girl with a camera took a photo….so you can ask to see it for yourself when they get home.




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