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Mustang/Durango – Week one!

Everyone is having a blast here! The first week is coming to an end and the boys and girls can’t wait for another. Durango is really getting along with their cabin mates and Mustang have a great time with each other in their lodge. They have been doing most of their activities with each other and love being brother and sister villages. They are also enjoying hanging out with so many other villages with other kids their age and and gender. They feel really comfortable in their little communities within Frost Valley.

Yesterday they started out their morning with some crafty activities. They did tye-dye! They got out their white, or grey, clothing (socks, handkercheifs, shirts, etc.) and got to work! They made all sorts of designs, some that we showed them and some that they completely made up! They had so much fun creating their art and can’t wait to see what it will turn out to look like!

They had a wonderful time at waterfront because yesterday was a really hot day! The air was humid and the temperature was high. They took a dip in the water and it was very refreshing. They were very excited because it was the first time that every section was open, including the water trampoline and inflatable water slide! Mustang and Durango chilled with PokeyTotem Village, Susky Village, and Forest Village (boys and girls, age 7-12) during their second period waterfront. They were really excited to play with the other villages and be swim buddies with tons of different campers!

Down at the barn the kiddos had another great lesson! They learned all about maneuvering their horses over and around obstacles, such as, walking over ground poles, weaving barrels, making patterns, and many more. They are all absorbing the information and improving so quickly. In the barn they learned about breeds of horses. They learned about the different types of horses, where they come from, what they look like, and what they do. They were very interested in all of the different horses and wanted to identify more!

For the evening activity, they went to the theater to play some theater games with our theater coach. They played games of all sorts, many of which were typical camp games, but some of which we have never even heard of before. They all enjoyed playing the new games together and enjoyed the acting part at the end. They each were given out a fairy tale and got into groups to act them out. They laughed and danced and applauded each other as the night went on.

This morning we woke up to another hot day. They started off at the three story Y tower. They were able to choose whether they wanted to go on the climbing wall or the dangling duo. The dangling duo is a giant ladder with ropes and other obstacles that the kids have to go over. They work together, as a team, to get as high as they can go in a limited time frame. Mustang and Durango worked really well together, within their cabin and with other cabins as well. They showed a lot of communication and cooperation with each other in order to get to their highest rung. They had a wonderful time working their way up and were excited to get down to refresh themselves in the lake.

At waterfront, everyone wanted to go in. They all found buddies and hopped into any section that wasn’t full. It was so hot that we were all dripping sweat, even if we were stationary. The lake helped everyone restore their energy and perk up. After waterfront, everyone cooled off as the afternoon breeze blew past us.

At the barn, it was trail day! Not only was it a great chance for the kids to get on the trail, but it was also great for the riders and horses to be under the protection of the trees. The breeze blew by as the kids rode alongside the West Branch of the Neversink River on the trail. They rode in a single file line and followed the lead down the trail until the wrap around point where they headed back to the barn.

They learned about parts of the horse today and were able to identify different parts on a diagram. They were able to point to points on a horse and see what the names of different parts of the horse are called. Mustang and Durango also learned about all the different parts of the horse that are similar to a human’s and the different names for a human skeleton versus a horse’s skeleton!

This evening the girls in Mustang did candle making while the boys did their own thing. The girls had fun using their creativity and creating different shaped and colored candles and molding them into crazy designs as well! The boys hung out with their cabin and went on a short hike that was interrupted by the incoming storm. Luckily, the boys were able to head back to their cabin in time and enjoy their cabin time! They hung out and had guy time in their cabin with their counselors and had a great time!


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