One of the most exciting things about being a camper here is having the opportunity to live, work and play on a functioning farm! This privilege comes with great responsibility, while our campers are here, we want them the be an integral part of the machine that keeps the farm running, so, we do chores twice a day! Chores take place before breakfast and after dinner. Chores includes, mucking stalls, milking goats, feeding the animals, setting up the dining hall, weeding or harvesting in the garden, collecting chicken eggs, and more! Our chores are set up on a rotation, so every camper will be able to gain skills in all of these areas, and contribute to our farm!

Today we had a beautiful day. Campers enjoyed boating and swimming in the afternoon. And later, some campers even became Ghost Busters!

We had an awesome day!


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Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director

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