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Second Week Strong

Good Evening from East Valley Ranch! Since you’ve last read about our adventures, we’ve had many more in the valley.  Sunday was our theme day of the session! Campers awoke to a note being slid under their yurt doors alerting them that not only had someone stole all the horses from the valley, but it was one of our very own counselors that had betrayed the camp and helped the horse thieves! Each yurt had a different character line they were following throughout the day, Professor Plum, Reverend Green, Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard, and Miss Scarlet. Each yurt moved around the valley searching for clues and deciphering riddles trying to figure out who the back stabbing counselor was. They found hidden messages in color-by-numbers, hiked through the woods, and even revealed clues written in invisible ink.  By the end of the day everyone discovered that it was indeed Mrs. Peacock who has helped steal the horses. The mystery day commenced with a viewing of the 2002 blockbuster Scooby-Doo.

Monday when we weren’t riding, we hit the road down to the farm where all campers got the opportunity to do boating and archery. They still did their riding lessons however, this being the first day of their chosen specialty- either trails or arena lessons. Monday evening all our 2-week campers and our WITs (Wranglers-in-Training) went on an overnight near the apple orchard at the farm where they had roasted marshmallows over the fire and a lot of laughs.

Today was our ropes day for campers! Yurt 3 participated in the Pegasus, however they collectively decided they felt much more similar to fairies floating around rather than a Pegasus. Yurt 2 did the Leap of Faith where they leapt off of a platform in order to hit a ball hanging six feet away (no worries, they were all completely on belay!) Our 4-week conquered the static high ropes course after prepping for their rodeo that is tomorrow evening and having a horse photo shoot. This evenings evening program was the classic game of ladder ball, the pictures are where the story is really at for that one.

It’s sad to say our session is beginning to wind down with only two full days of camp left, however our campers and staff are going to make sure that every moment counts and becomes a memory.

Be well and Build Strong.


Catherine Hathaway

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