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EVR 2 Week: Second Week Fun!

Time really does fly when you’re having fun! We can’t believe it’s already the last week, and today is our last full day!! We have been having so much fun! This week is our second week of riding, which means TRAIL RIDES!!!! Now that the girls have learnt how to control their horses and they have been able to get to know their horses really well, they get to take them out of the arena on a trail ride! Each riding group got the chance to take their horse up the mountain through the beautiful forest!! During the ground lesson this week they have been learning about horse careers, and using their own creative minds to design their own perfect barn and perfect horses!! The girls have also had a chance to have a go a round pen, which is a technique we use to bond with the horses, gain their trust and join up – which they all loved!!!

During times when the girls aren’t riding we have been super busy!! We have used our teamwork skills during fire building, where EVR got to learn how to build a fire, and learn some outdoor fire cooking skills! They all got to make a delicious banana boat! The girls have also had a chance to get creative with different designs and patterns during our fun tie-dye sessions! On Monday evening we also got to go to Farm Camp where we had challenge night with Al. We mixed up the teams so that we could work with farm camp to complete challenges, and everybody worked so well together and made lots of friends!

This week we have been cooling off in different ways and done something new each day! We have been to waterfront and swimming in the stream, creaking in the stream where the girls have built rock Cairns and made rock paint, as well as boating at Farm Camp!!

Last night we had our EAST + WEST NIGHT!!! Which means that Mustang Village came over from main camp to EVR for evening program. The EVR girls all had a great time making new friends and being role models for the younger girls, who one day will get the chance to come and be an EVR camper too!! The EVR girls were so excited for this and all had a great watching the Staff Demo!!!! This is one of the most enjoyed evening programs because EVR gets to see their own horses being ridden by their counsellors and instructors! The staff performed a drill team, which is a synchronized routine on horseback! After this we played a game called transitions, which is where somebody shouts different things the riders have to do (e.g. walk, stop, trot, circle etc.) and the slowest horse is out, narrowing it down to a winner! All of the campers help catch riders and horses out! This is a great chance for the campers to see their own horse is action! The staff also switch horses part the way through, and so the campers get to see how differently horses react to different riders as well!

We have lots of activities that the girls are going to be doing this afternoon – we want to try to do as much as possible in our last afternoon of the session!!! The girls are going to turn out all of their horses they rode this morning and put them in the field! We are going to make some candles and go in the creek too! This evening we are having our closing campfire, where the girls will get to share the goals they set themselves and to see if they’ve achieved it, or more!! We will also get to sing some songs and share our memories of the amazing session we have had!!!


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