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Frost Valley: A New Session 3

The weather stepped in and informed us that the evening activities would be held inside, in the only way that weather can, by raining. So camp Henry Hird met in the Dining Hall for the first ever (this season) indoor opening campfire. This always makes things interesting because, acoustically speaking, its usually a disaster. The secret formula for successful opening campfires goes like this:

Keep it high energy and keep it short.

It never fails, ever. So introductions were given and campers were informed of the YMCA’s four core values: respect, responsibility, honesty & caring. The villages VC’s (village chiefs) were then called up one at a time to introduce their staff and show off feats of strength or short skits! These are high energy and usually involve something like shaving cream or buckets of water on fellow staff. As things came to an end each village was cheered for and campers were very excited to start session #3 with their very weird but very fun counselors! And opening campfire ended an hour after it began with enough time to spare for campers to get settled in in their respective villages.


Morgan Theze

Born in New York but raised in Ireland, Morgan has spent every summer he can remember flying back to the US to attend summer camps. Over the years that Morgan worked at a well-regarded private camp in Maine, he took on many roles including Cabin Counselor, Head of Rocks and Ropes, Program Director, and Operations Director. Morgan began working at Frost Valley as a program instructor in 2014, leading activities for our schools and weekend programs, before becoming our Director of Camp Henry Hird. Campers at Camp Henry Hird range in age from 13 to 16. Morgan loves working with this age group as he finds that this is the time of their life where they form into unique individuals and discover the values that they will hold with them for the rest of their lives.

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