Camper have checked in to Hayden lodge and have settled in nicely.  Last night they enjoyed a hayride down to one of the horse pastures to meet some of the horses they will be working with throughout the session.  The hay ride is a lot of fun as the girls are sitting on the horses dinner.  This means all the horses come stick their heads in the wagons for the girls to pet and meet.  It was a nice relaxing start to the session.  Later they enjoyed name games and getting to know you activities to help the girls start to form new friendships!

Today is a day of firsts for Mustang Campers.  This morning they took a refreshing dip at waterfront to do their swim tests.  This gives our lifeguards the chance to see the girls and give them a color area that they are qualified to swim in.  The girls loved the water as the sun was hot and the air was humid.  After changing the girls enjoyed several more games on the giant field next to the lodge.  This afternoon they will travel to the barn for orientation and a riding evaluation.  We love to see how the girls interact with horses to help connect them with the best horse partner for the session!  We will be uploading pictures soon so check  SmugMug later on!

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