Yesterday (Wednesday) saw the first full day of rain that we have had for the whole session… And when I say rain, I mean it POURED. We were able to start out our day with Flag Raising, and then after breakfast we played our all camp game which was Honey I Love You… And just as we got to the barn to ride, the clouds rolled in and it was RAIN RAIN RAIN for the rest of the day. BUT, needless to say, we didn’t let a little rain get us down so we played with the ponies inside instead. We did some show grooming in the barn – which is like a makeover for the horses. (see After this, we had lunch and got dried off and warm and had spa afternoon in the couch room of the lodge! Nail painting, book reading, music and hair styling made for a relaxing afternoon.


We also went to the arts and crafts building and designed our own barns, some were even 3D barns which was quite impressive.


For the girls that are in the four week program, we have, on staff, our very own Equine Physiotherapist – Sam Nash, allllllll the way from South Africa! Yesterday she had the girls for the whole afternoon and taught them the basics of equine massage and faradic therapy. They also met their project horse that they will be working on for the month – Cajun!


The rain was not giving us a break yesterday so after dinner and shower time, we headed over to the lodge to watch Secretariat by the fire… It was a pretty lovely day despite the rain!


Thankfully, today (Friday) the SUN IS OUT!!!! So we will be making up for lost time in the saddle! This morning our all camp game is Rounders (a British version of Baseball), and then we will be at the barn for the rest of the day.


Tomorrow is bareback day, where the girls get to practice their skills on horseback without a saddle. And Sunday is the horses’ day of rest and our super secret THEME DAY! Check back later on in the week for an update on how the girls are getting on.


WE LOVE EVR!!!!! <3

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