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Happy Harvest Day!

Yesterday we wrapped up the first week of Session 4 with a Wild Wild West themed day. The campers got to choose from all kinds of fun activities including: tie dying bandanas, straw painting, wild west bingo, balloon archery, boating, slip n slide, and more!

Today, we kicked off week two of Session 4 with Harvest Day. Everyone got to sleep in this morning, and then have brunch which included chicken, waffles, and of course, ice cream!! After this the campers headed into the garden and began harvesting everything they needed to cook our harvest dinner. Yurt 1 made the bread, and raspberry sweet tea. Yurt 2 made the mint lemonade and pesto sauce. Yurt 3 made spinach puffs. Yurt 4 made fried green tomatoes. Yurt 7 made zucchini chocolate chip muffins. Yurt 8 made gnocchi. We had so much food tonight and it was all DELICIOUS!  Every yurt did a great job with what they made. Some yurts even made bouquets for the table. We finished the night off with a dance where there was lots of singing and dancing.

Tomorrow will begin the second round of specialties that the campers can choose from. We will be offering things like dance, movie making, wilderness survival, barn, garden, cooking, and more. We are excited to see what the campers will choose to take for next weeks specialties. Check back in later on in the week for more information about the Farm!


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