After finding out their assigned horses on Tuesday morning, the girls have been getting to know their horses every day in their riding lessons as well as grooming and tacking them themselves. They have already made great progress and I can’t wait to see how far they will have come by the end of the session! In our ground lessons over the last couple of days we have been learning about vet care and the parts of the horse. For both of these the girls have been down at the barn using our horses to learn from, and they are happy to oblige. Away from the barn in their activity period yesterday, the girls practised their team work skills by playing kick ball before catching a hay ride down to the farm to go swimming in the river, and almost all of them swam.

Today everyone has been getting creative in the arts and crafts barn by making candles and tie dying their clothes. It appears that we have some very arty campers amongst us judging by the fantastic candles they have made! I’m also sure that EVR will be a sea of tie dye tomorrow after their clothes have dried! Last nights evening programme was a special surprise and the girls had been asking us about it all day. The secret was finally revealed at dinner time when Nicki announced that we would be playing a game that we play in the dark in our horse barn when all of the horses have been turned out. It involves everyone walking around in the dark and someone tagging a person before everyone else tries to guess who the tagger was. It is a definite highlight amongst the returning campers and is a game that they all look forward to playing. The girls absolutely loved playing it and I think it has been their favourite EP so far! This evening we will be playing another favourite game – BOPPERS!

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