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Mustang – A Wild Adventure

Yesterday we hurried over to the flying squirrel for our morning activity. The girls took turns pulling their buddies up into the air and they all flew up into the sky. They loved getting the chance to do a ropes activity and also feel like they were flying! We headed to waterfront after the flying squirrel and had their first day of waterfront where they could be in any section and even go boating! A few girls swam in the deep end and swam out to the floating dock, while others went to go test their skills in the boats. Some girls played in the shallow sections playing Marco Polo and various other water games.

After lunch, the girls got to try a healthy snack to cool them off during the hot day. The Wellness Wagon came to Hayden (our lodge) and brought homemade fruit pops made with real fruit and no added sugars! Everyone enjoyed the delicious and refreshing snack before heading down to the barn.

At the barn, the girls were able to ride their horses again and learn more about themselves and riding in their lesson groups. Everyone tried new patterns in their lessons and learned about the perfect position and all about the riding style we do here at Frost Valley. Some lessons were working on steering and were able to weave around the barrels, some worked on starting and stopping, some walked over ground poles, and some played mounted horseback riding games too! All of Mustang was very excited to be able to bond with their horse and get to know their horses better.

For the first time in Mustang, the girls went on a special overnight camping trip! They cooked mac and cheese over the campfire and had yummy s’mores toasted by the fire. They hiked up to a campsite in the woods where they slept under the trees. After putting down ground tarps, the girls went down the trail a bit to make fairy houses. They made shelters in and around the trees for the fairies to stay in at night.

When they were done with their fairy houses, they came back up to the campsite to do their last activity before bed. They all sat down in a circle with the campfire behind them. They made a water bottle campfire with a pile of water bottles and flashlights that lit up the circle. Each camper got some tinfoil and were instructed to make their perfect self. Then the girls went around in a circle and told everyone what they liked about themselves. They acknowledged that each tinfoil person had its own mistakes and that nobody’s “perfect” self was completely perfect, but that they could embrace their differences and focus on all of the things that they love about themselves.

In the morning, they hiked back to to the cabin to have a bagel breakfast. On the way, they took a pitt stop at the fairy houses that they had made the night before, and were surprised to see the fairy dust that had been spread by the fairies overnight! When we got back to the cabin, they had breakfast and then went to clean up their dishes from their overnight!



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