3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang – First Ride of the Session

The girls started off their day with a wonderful new addition to the summer breakfast menu. They enjoyed their biscuits with ham and cheese and were fueled up for the day.

Once we got back to the lodge, the girls got ready for the day: sunscreen, bathing suits, bags packed.  The girls headed outside to continue playing games and participating in ice-breakers!  After everyone got to know each other better, we walked across camp to the waterfront where the lifeguards did their boating and beach orientation.  Mustang was the first village to get an opportunity to take the swim tests and everyone got their tags today!

After lunch we headed to the barn!!  The girls hopped on horses like cowgirls and rode along in the ring.  Those who weren’t riding learned all about how to lead and tie a horse, as well as grooming and tacking their horses, before flip-flopping for their chance to show their riding skills.

On our way up to the dining hall for dinner, the girls took a break after the big hill and played some circle games!  Then we got a chance to play on the WAVE, which is the seesaw outside of the dining hall.

Evening program tonight is a PAJAMA DANCE PARTYYYY!  The girls are getting a chance to show off their best and silliest dance moves in their PJs and this is always a favorite.

Devotion tonight will be sharing our goals for the session.  All of the girls are super excited to meet their horses tomorrow!



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