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Mustang – Just getting started

We are so excited to have all of the girls Mustang for session 1! On check-in day, everyone unpacked and settled in. We progressed into name games and introductions. After our pizza dinner, we were welcomed by the rest of Wawayanda (the younger camp at Frost Valley) to opening campfire! All the girls laughed along to the skits that each villages’ staff members put on. They also chanted along to each new songs they were learning. The girls hopped into bed after an eventful evening and got rest for a busy Monday!

Yesterday, the girls continued to get to know each other and make new friends in our morning ice breakers. After that, they headed to waterfront and proceeded with their swim checks! The girls played in the water splashing and chasing everyone around the waterfront until the period was over.

Down at the Barn, they got to ride horses for the first time this session! They all had an evaluation ride so that our Barn Manager, Hannah, could get an idea of which horses should be paired up with each rider, and which group everyone should be in. They all enjoyed riding and were very excited to be in the saddle! We then headed to learn about how to lead and tie a horse up, groom (clean) a horse, and also got to tack up the horses too!

Today the girls started off at archery after breakfast and were able so show off their skills down at the range. They all were so happy to try it and some even got bull’s-eyes! Then off to splash at waterfront and barn after lunch! Once they arrived at the barn, they all were told their horses for the session! They got to ride in their new horses in lesson groups and have already improved!

For their ground lesson, they learned about different colors and markings, that horses have, and were able to identify their own horses by their color and markings! We headed up to the field before dinner and were able to hang out with the rest of Wawayanda in their field games, hard court games, and all around fun!

We are already in full swing and have busy schedules! The girls are making new friends, bonding with their horses, getting to know their counselors, and are ready for more!


Ella Parry

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