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Mustang Village Meets the Horses!

Opening night of camp is always a fun time.  Campers get to meet the other girls who are soon to become close life long friends.  Bunks are set up, pizza in the dining hall….and then the chance to meet the horses they will be working with for the next two weeks.  On Sunday night the girls were all loaded into our hay wagons and took a scenic tractor ride down to one of the horse pastures.  Once they arrived the staff drive the wagons into the field and all of the horses come running over.  The Mustang girls quickly realize that the horses are very eager to eat the hay that the girls are sitting on.  Soon everyone is laughing, feeding horses, and petting while the staff give horse names and information about each horse.  The girls loved the stories and details that the staff shared…Buckwheat is dating Molly, Casius like to climb into the water trough, and Molly loved her chin rubbed.  Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Moe (our four tiny matching black and white ponies) were even in the field.  Most of the girls were shocked to watch as these tiny little ponies pushed around horses that were at least five times their size….it just goes to show that size doesn’t matter….it’s all about your personality!  On the way back there was a lot of speculation about who they would ride for evaluations, and who they would ride for the rest of the session!  It’s an exciting night all around.



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