We’ve had an incredible first two days at Farm Camp. Monday, we signed up for our Specialty Classes, which include: Barn, Garden, Cooking, Harry Potter, Meditation, Archery, and more! We also beat the heat with our first waterfront period, which we spent in the nice, cool river.

We’re also settling into chores. Every morning and every evening, each yurt participates in a chore. Chores can be anything from, barn, garden, chicken chores, setting up the dining hall, or even running our daily flag raising. In the barn, campers will ‘muck’ stalls, feed the animals and milk the goats. During chicken chores, the campers will collect eggs. First session, we collected over 460 eggs! I hope we can beat that record this session. Currently, we are busy harvesting beans and potatoes, which we look forward to eating in our dining hall!

Tonight, campers are participating in a ‘Trashion Show.’ During the Trashion Show, campers will compete by collecting materials from around camp and creating new fashions, which their counselors will model for points from a team of judges. I’m very excited to see their recycled couture!

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