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“The Fly” By: Lindsey Wasiak and Alice Cetinkaga

“The Fly”

The one who couldn’t fly

The one who couldn’t speak

The one who couldn’t laugh

The one Fly who was picked by ME!

We found him on a leg

We found him on the floor

We found him in his home

When we found that he went right out the door

His little hairy legs

His little hairy arms

His random spaz attacks

And his other stupid acts

Alice, Lindsey, Cali, Abby, Addie

Loved him very much

Until he left us in a rush

We helped him

We fed him

We gave him a place to stay

I guess he was happy until he went away

Have a nice life Cornelious Lester Simon Abraham

Lots of love,





Addie 🙂






This poem was written about a fly named Cornelius who flew into the “Globe Trotter” yurt (second oldest girls) and decided to stay for a while.  I have never seen anything so bazaar!  Lindsey or Alice found the fly on their leg  at the beginning of the day and it didn’t fly away until the end of the day.  Most girls in the yurt were holding it on their finger and talking to it.  The next thing I knew the fly had a name.  Then it had a home on a rock in a basket covered with folded cardboard.  I had to admit to them I admired their creativity and compassion for Cornelius: The Fly Who Couldn’t Fly.  Sadly, when we arrived back to the yurt to find him gone, the girls decided to have a memorial.  Today at the beginning of rest hour I allowed them to perform the ceremony.  The picture attached to the post is of the memorial site.  The girls wrote kind words on rocks which covered the mound where Cornelius’ box lay. —  Don’t worry, the girls are not sad.  They found another fly who couldn’t fly (I find that very weird but…).




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