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EVR 4 Week: Holdover & Session Four Begins!

The four-week girls said their goodbyes to all their two-weeker friends and prepared for their super fun weekend to themselves! The girls got up to lots of fun activities as well as having time to relax and chill out too!! They all watched LOTS of movies and had cloud appreciate time to relax and be ready for session four! They also went creaking in the stream to cool off, build rock Cairns and make rock paint!

Yesterday the girls prepared for session four to begin and helped welcome all of the new girls that arrived! Last night we had our OPENING CAMPFIRE!! We sang lots of songs and the girls had prepared a great skit to welcome the new girls, they found it hilarious and there were laughs all around! We also had individual performances and the girls got to show off their own talents. And of course, we finished the evening with S’MORES!!

The girls are already into their third week, we can’t believe it’s already week three!! Today they have started to prepare ideas for their drill team, which they will get to show all the two-weekers next week. A drill team is something, which the girls not only have to work as a team together to prepare but, but also during the actual drill team itself. It is a synchronized routine on horseback that they put together themselves! The girls have also been busy going swimming and relaxing at waterfront, as well as playing Alaskan Baseball with all the other girls to help get to know them, as well as being back to their normal routine of riding!! Tonight’s evening programme is Geronimooooo!! This is always a huge hit with the girls and they will all get to know each other across the whole of EVR too!!


Laura Stirling

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