A nice cool night, a cool theme (Flower Power!; 1960’s), and full participation for nearly all of the dance! For some reason there was no actual music from the 60’s actually most of it was bad Dance music from the 90’s which a lot of the campers were hearing for the very first time and, for some reason, were really into it.

There seems to be a culture of not only dressing up for the dance but to wear costumes. Pooh-Bear, Green Man, Pandas, Hawaiian “Trip-Hop”, a Dalmatian, and a ghost buster.


MAC Boys, Adventure, Hemlock, Sacky, Lenape, Tacoma, Windsong & PAC all had fun and even offered to clean up whilst they danced. I’ve honestly never seen this happen and I am very proud that the whole camp displayed this level Stewardship.

Kam Kobeissi
Director of Camp Henry Hird


Morgan Theze

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Morgan Theze

Born in New York but raised in Ireland, Morgan has spent every summer he can remember flying back to the US to attend summer camps. Over the years that Morgan worked at a well-regarded private camp in Maine, he took on many roles including Cabin Counselor, Head of Rocks and Ropes, Program Director, and Operations Director. Morgan began working at Frost Valley as a program instructor in 2014, leading activities for our schools and weekend programs, before becoming our Director of Camp Henry Hird. Campers at Camp Henry Hird range in age from 13 to 16. Morgan loves working with this age group as he finds that this is the time of their life where they form into unique individuals and discover the values that they will hold with them for the rest of their lives.

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