3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang Village Fun in the Sun!

Things have been going really well in Mustang Village.  The girls have been getting along great which helps them to quickly form strong friendships.  Waterfront was a blast as the girls played relay races and had swimming contests.  It is a great time to just hang out and float around with friends.  The girls also enjoyed theater games which helps to bring out their creative side.  It encourages them to be silly, act out, and try new things.  In addition the games are designed to get the girls working together and problem solving.  It is amazing to see the difference at the start and end of the program.

The barn is always a highlight of the day.  The girls spent some focused ride time in their new lesson groups.  The instructors work hard to help the entire group learn and progress.  Every horse and every camper is different, so girls are constantly working on improving their technique and control with their own horse.  They are very excited for tomorrow when they have the opportunity to hit the trails and enjoy a ride on their horses through the wood.  New pictures were uploaded today, so check SmugMug!



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